About the Foundation

The Taslimi Foundation (“the Foundation”) is a charitable family-foundation established to promote education and open dialogue, the defense of universal human rights, with a particular focus on minority rights in Iran, involvement in arts and cultural programming, and other social initiatives.


About the Taslimis

The Taslimi family was raised with the notion that service to humanity is the organizing thread of life. Born in Iran, brothers Shidan and Mehran Taslimi immigrated to the United States in the 1970s to study engineering, and instantly formed a bond with their new community. Shidan and Mehran, along with Susanne Taslimi, built the Taslimi Construction Company, a well-known and respected construction firm in the Greater Los Angeles area.


In 1980 their father, Mr. Abdul-Hussein Taslimi, was arrested by the Iranian regime for his membership on the national governing body of the Baha’i community in Iran, along with all of its other members. Their fate remains unknown today. Guided by the memory of their father, a longtime supporter of education and the wellbeing of the disadvantaged, the Taslimis formed their family foundation to provide for charitable programming and the support of those less fortunate.


Senior Management Team

Farhad Sabetan

Executive Director


Amin Zarghami

Creative Director